Monday, 16 August 2010

それは私だ!Introducing Myself

はじめまして&ようこそto 私のblogspot.
The names Anna, and as I've already said, nice to meet you. I'm from Scotland though I wish I was in Japan or at least America so I could get closer to Anime! But alas I'm here. Waterstones is the only bookshop around here with Manga and I think Play has some Anime. Because of Anime I have learnt some Japanese but this is only deepened my hatred of French. Sorry, but I've had the same French teacher two years running and he hasn't taught us anything. He just sits there talking to his Eeyore doll.(Crazy? I know) So maybe I don't hate French but I hate my Teacher who teaches it. He's taught me for my first and second year of high school so imagine what my 3rd year teacher's gonna say when the class tells him/her "ehh... we know nothing"

Anyways, check out my YouTube Channel - - I'll be vlogging soon but for the time beinging it's just me either dancing, singing or playing the guitar. I've also uploaded to PV -not mine- of RAY OF LIGHT by Shoko Nakagawa 中川 翔子 and Shoujo S 少女S by SCANDAL.


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